Gennadiy Sharov, Vice president, Federal chamber of lawyers of the Russian Federation

I am glad to partake in the fifth anniversary International Legal Forum and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful preparation and organization of this important event, which is a real festival for lawyers of not only our country but of the whole world.

Mohamed Achargui, President, Constitutional Court of Morocco

Over the years, this International Forum has become a real legal laboratory which is open to the world and allows dealing with problematic issues and matters of vital importance in today’s world. In this respect, I am pleased to take this opportunity to express to you my congratulations for the generous welcome and the excellent organization of the work of this Forum in the wonderful city of St. Petersburg, history, hospitality and beauty of which make this great event even more attractive. Please convey my regards and my deep gratitude to your team and accept the assurances of my highest consideration.

Dzhambulat Ozdoev, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Ingushetia

I express my deep gratitude to the Organizing Committee of St. Petersburg International Legal Forum for the excellent organization of the event. Your tireless energy again created this platform for the discussion of the most problematic legal issues.

Valeriy Yurchenko, Adviser of the Judge, Court of Eurasian Economic Union

As a result of the V SPILF, I can stress the highest level of the organization of the Forum. The topics of conferences, panel discussions, lectures and briefings were problematic, well-balanced and oriented to a fruitful dialog between experts which was aimed at enhancing state legislation, international law and law enforcement practice. At the Forum, the atmosphere of cooperation, of mutual respect, of professional eagerness and of aspirations towards positive results prevailed, and both cultural and excursion programme for participants and smooth work of volunteers deserve high admiration.  I express my sincere gratitude to the Organizing Committee of the V St. Petersburg International Legal Forum for the colossal work and am personally proud for our country which organizes such a spectacular and astonishing event for professional lawyers!

Igor Artemyev, Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, Russian Federation

I can say without any doubt that this event brings together the best representatives of the Russian antimonopoly studies, of advocacy, as well as law enforcers and judges. We are very grateful to the organizers that we feel so comfortable and can talk to each other, debate, work and discuss. Within a short time lapse, the international recognition of the St. Petersburg Legal Forum is really huge in our area. We use the Forum as one of the main global platforms aimed at global discussions with our partners from different states.

Vsevolod Baibak, Partner, Iusland Law Offices

This Forum is the main legal event of the year, not only for Russia but for many countries. I would like to thank the organizers for a very interesting programme. This year, I think, it is even more challenging and multi-faceted than the previous year and the list of participants is, as always, impressive.

Vladimir Evseev, President, Foundrymen Union of Saint-Petersburg

Please accept my deep and sincere gratitude for the excellent organization of the Forum and its comprehensive support. Both business and cultural programmes have shown a real level of the opportunities of Russia and its great potential for the development of legal basis for the further enhancement of our nation-building.

Andrey Vorobev, Deputy General Director, Zvezda-Energetika

It is hard to overestimate the importance and practical benefits of this event which is justified by the number and level of both Russian and foreign participants.

I am proud for high professionalism of the hosting party which organized and held the event. The Russian Federation demonstrated to representatives of other countries its opportunities and the highest level of the organization of significant international events.

Aleksandr Shatalov, Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Professor of the National Research University «Higher School of Economics»

The organization is just excellent. The time and the venue are beyond praise.

Giampiero Fracasso, Lawyer, Firm Fracasso

I confirm my best impressions from the organization of the Forum and of all the related events. Round table topics, arguments and issues which were discussed at the Forum 2015 were of great interest and very useful for my practice.

Xiaoping Wang, Partner, Grandall Law Firm, China

Thank you very much for your diligent work in the organization of such a great event for the international legal circle.

Swatanter Kumar, Chairperson, National Green Tribunal of India

I was really glad to participate in the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum in May, 2015. It was a great pleasure to interact with the various delegates from different countries. It was an experience to be a part of such a big international event which was very well organized. My heartiest congratulations to all concerned on successful completion of the meeting.

Akira Kawamura, Former President of the International Bar Association

I would like to say that the Forum is definitely a great success. Let me express my firm commitments to the Forum organisers.

Juan Puleston, Unit Chief Minister, Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Argentina

On my behalf as well as the government of the Argentine Republic, I would like to congratulate you for the efficient organization of such characteristic event and to express that it has been a truly honor to share with, the closing plenary meeting of the most important legal congress known worldwide.

Hein Boelling, Presiding Judge, Hanseatisches oberlandesgericht in Bremen

I was very impressed by this conference, the level of the speeches and discussions and the effective and friendly organization of the whole event, including the cultural programme. Nothing to criticize, in my opinion. Thanks for everything, last not least to the many young volunteers, as friendly as competent, all the way.

Marco Dalla Vedova, Partner, Dalla Vedova Studio Legale

Thank you very much for a great experience, very warm hospitality and top organization.

Pierre Helg, Ambassador of Switzerland to Moscow

Many thanks for the great and substantial event, the perfect organization and the generous hospitality!

Paulo Assubuji, Legal Adviser, Mozambique Ministry of Justice

Thank you very much for all the support before and during the Forum. One can only marvel at the work of the stuff and volunteers to make all the participants feel welcome and at home. Keep up the good work!

Sergey Mamontov, Secretary General, Professional Board of International Arbitrators

My biggest gratitude to the organizers of this Forum! The event deserves only the highest praise! I do not doubt that I will participate in the Forum again the next year.

Viktor Naumov, Managing partner, Dentons St. Petersburg office - Head of the Russian IP/ IT/ Telecommunications Practice

I would like to emphasize the highest organizational and professional level of the conference, thank you for the opportunity to take part in such a topical and successful event and wish you more and more successful and dynamic projects.

Elena Grachyova, First Vice-Chancellor of the Moscow State University of Law by the name O.E. Kutafin

I’m sure that other participants, like me, have only the best memories from the Forum, its content, work and, of course, cultural programme.

Olga Nikonova, Director of the Legal Department, TVEL - Fuel Company of Rosatom

St. Petersburg International Legal Forum is the most representative, bright and professional event for the international legal community. This year the organization, as always, has been of the highest level. I wish you many new achievements and new ambitious goals!

Asylbek Smagulov, Director of the Legislation Institute, Ministry of Justice of Kazakhstan

I’m impressed by a large number of participants and delegations and discussion sessions on a various issues of legal theory and practice. The organization of such a large-scale event is really impeccable. The cultural programme is also very interesting. The Forum has no weak spots!

Marina Gassiy, Judicial Support Director of SUE “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg”, Honoured lawyer of the Russian Federation

I appreciate the highest level of the technical and organizational support of our round table.

Giampiero Fracasso, Lawyer, Italy

I’d like to express my best impressions from the International Legal Forum which was held in enchanting St. Petersburg and appreciate its marvelous organization. The choice of topics to discuss was very successful and the professional level of participants was very high.

Vitaly Pruzhansky, Principal, RBB Economics

I would like to thank you for the very efficient organisation of St. Petersburg International Legal Forum. In particular, the volunteers have done an excellent job in terms of proving quick help, advice and general support, whenever this was needed.

Nicholas Allard, Partner, Patton Boggs LLP

Thank you. It was an extremely worthwhile experience. I look forward to participating in the future and also to recommending SPILF to others.
Congratulations to the organizers and special thanks to all the students who assisted attendees. Your students have most impressive language skills and they were great ambassadors of their schools, home cities and country.

Christopher Redmond, Partner, Husch Blackwell LLP

Overall the management and organization were excellent. The young assistants, as they were last year, were very helpful, informative and a great assistance in findings room locations for panel discussions and many other things. Your selections of topics to be addressed were excellent as the same were topical, informative and provided an excellent forum for alternative viewpoints. The Forum also provided an excellent opportunity for networking as the persons present were diverse, from many varied jurisdictions and for the most part very approachable. I would congratulate all of your work and efforts as in my opinion the work product was excellent and well worth the travel required to attend.

Frank Astill, Director, University of Sydney, Law Extension Committee

I would like to commend the organisers and helpers for ensuring the event was such a success.

Prof. dr. Henricus J. Snijders, University of Leiden

I would like to add my compliments to you with regard to the organization of the Legal Forum: unbelievable how you managed to organize this enormous event so professionally.

Cristiane Maria Ferrari, Lawyer, Deccache Advogados

I was extremely well surprised with such great organization. I could see that the Organizing Committee took care of all details and this made the Legal Forum an amazing experience.

Robert Bron, Managing Director, CIS Management B.V.

High level of organization, quality of participants, modern communication technologies and professional approach contributed to making the III St. Petersburg International Legal Forum a high class event. Please note my deep appreciation and gratitude for the warm welcome, friendly atmosphere and created opportunities for interaction with a lot of сonfederates.

Samuel Dürr, Partner, Walder Wyss AG

Thank you for your excellent organisation of the Legal Forum. Spontaneously I do not see any items, which can further be improved! I enjoyed discussion sessions as well as social/cultural events in your marvellous city.

Raffaele Caldarone, Equity Partner, NCTM - Studio Legale Associato

I greatly appreciated your organization and accuracy in preparing the event.

Hon. Sid Brooks, Federal Bankruptcy Judge, United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Colorado

I believe that the Forum was clearly one of the best organized and planned conferences I have attended at any time and at any place around the world. It was a superbly run conference and managed extremely well. The personnel running the activities and logistics did a terrific job. The students/assistants at the conference sites as well as at the registration desks, etc., were of great assistance and professional at all times. All personnel were proactive in providing direction and assistance; all activities and events were well directed and implemented. The overall programme - the professional meetings and the social and cultural activities - was well managed in every way!

Jakub Handrlica, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Charles University in Prague

We were frankly speaking overwhelmed by this splendid town and very impressed by the organisation of the conference, which was wonderful.

Eric Goldman, Professor, Santa Clara University School of Law, Director, High Tech Law Institute

I remain grateful for being included in the event and for the many courtesies you and your staff showed throughout my stay.

Wang Xiaoping, Partner/Lawyer, Grandall Law Firm (Beijing)

I was treated very kindly by your staff and volunteers, from my getting in the airport and leaving from hotel by the shuttle bus. I appreciated your works and kindness again.

Mikhail Krotov, Plenipotentiary representative of the President of Russia to the Constitutional Court of Russia, Vera Bobrova, Deputy Head of the Department, Administration of the President of the Russian Federation

We express our deep gratitude for the preparation and clear organization of the International Forum.

Alexander Kirilovichev, Deputy General Director, Gazprombank-Invest LLC

Thank you very much, everything was perfectly organized. The simultaneous translation had no problems, the moderators were chosen felicitously. Volunteers were great; I’ve never seen so many good young guys in one place. Communication with them left only the most positive emotions. Cultural programme was above all praise.

Jim Haines, Judge, United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maine

The Forum itself was exceedingly well presented and well organized. You should be proud of the fine result of your efforts.

Marya Voronova, Curator, Russian Museum of Ethnography

I would like to note that by the organization of the Forum and the level of its running it is certainly an event of a high international class. Frankly speaking, “there is nothing to complain about!” I was pleased with the clarity and organization of the assistance, choice of venues for meetings and round tables, friendly atmosphere, beautiful, really festive evening events.

Dr. Adrian Loretan, Professor and Co-Director, Center for Comparative Constitutional Law and Religion, University of Lucerne

I congratulate you for the organisation, the cultural programme and the high quality of the conference.

Jorge Fernando Perdomo Torres, Deputy General Attorney, Colombia

I really enjoyed both the business program and the social events, they were very interesting and at the same time very productive.

Arthur Kotenko, Managing Partner, ALITUS Law Firm

I sincerely thank you for the excellent organization of the Forum, the successful choice of topics, high level speakers, intelligent informational support, “shining” eyes of volunteers.

Paolo Pasqualis, Delegate for International Affairs, National Council of Notaries

I am really grateful for the kind invitation and the friendly and generous hospitality. Please congratulate all (I mean all) the staff for its helpfulness and kind attentions.

Sergey Deev, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The organization of transport and excursions to the Hermitage was really great. Thanks a lot!

Jean-Marie Lehn, Professor (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1987)

I greatly enjoyed my participation in the 38th FEBS meeting. It gave me a crash course in biology and I learned a lot – I hope also that the biologists and chemistries will more and more speak together. We are all the same that!

Israel Pecht, Prof., EC Members

I enjoyed very much all the tours – city tour, Peterhof and Pushkin. The guides were informative, spoke very good English and were attentive and pleasant. I was very satisfied, everything was on time. Thank you very much.

Marina Gassiy, Judicial Support Director of SUE “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg”, Honoured lawyer of the Russian Federation

Everything was organized on the highest level. And the place itself was really engaging. The Hague is literally soaked with the spirit of jurisprudence — the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Supreme Court of the Netherlands dispose one to work hard.

Andrey Tyndik, Attorney-at-Law of Saint-Petersburg City Bar Association

I should mention the high level of the Conference’s organization and an interesting and representative lineup from both sides. The guest format of St. Petersburg International Legal Forum allows its participants to acquire an invaluable experience of transnational communication, gives an additional impulse to the Forum’s improvement and promotes it worldwide.

Ruslan Nagaybekov, Head of Legal, Kirovsky Zavod

I appreciated the Conference very much. Both organization and speakers were of the highest level.

Oleg Vasilenko, Legal Director, EFES-Rus

I would like to accentuate the marvelous organization from the point of view of delegate support and the choice of venue.

Marina Gassiy, Judicial Support Director of SUE “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg”, Honoured lawyer of the Russian Federation

I would like to express my greatest gratitude to the organizers of St. Petersburg International Legal Forum in Rome. Everything was traditionally organized on the top-level.

Olga Papadina, General Director of the “Moscow Urban Forum”

Due to your high work efficiency we managed to arrange and hold a very successful high quality event in a very short time.

John Boaden, Managing Director, Investigations, MARTIN KENNEY & CO., Solicitors

St. Petersburg International Forum was undoubtedly one of the very best I have ever attended. The whole organization from arriving in St. Petersburg to leaving was exceptional, including, of course, the evening activities and the sumptuous meals provided.

Dr. Sideek Seyad, LLB, LLM, LLD. Associate Professor of European Union Law Faculty of Law, University of Stockholm

I wish to thank the organizers for the excellent organization of the Forum. All social activities were fantastically organized and, like me, I am sure all delegates from all over Russia and abroad would have gone back home with wonderful memories.

Prof. R. Venkata Rao, Vice-Сhancellor, National Law School of India University

What a great experience in St. Petersburg! Undoubtedly, it has been one of the best, if not the best, Conferences I have ever attended. From the core of my heart I thank you for all that you and your team members have done in making my sojourn a memorable one.

Juan Luis Coderque Galligo, Head of Corporate Partnerships Unit at International Committee of the Red Cross – ICRC

On behalf of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) we would like to express our sincere gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the II St. Petersburg International Legal Forum and to pay tribute to the impeccably high level of its organization.

Eric Holder, Co-Chairmen of the Working Group on Legal Matters, Attorney General of the USA

The Forum provided an opportunity to discuss important legal issues of concern to both of our nations.

Ghil Tae-Ki, Vice-Minister of Justice, Republic of Korea

In spite of the short history of St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, I could witness myself that it was a well-organized and meaningful international forum, thanks to the hard works of all the staff involved.

Zhiying Li, International Legal Cooperation Center, Ministry of Justice of China

It was our great pleasure to have been invited to this forum. Besides the legal business, we also learned very much about Russian history, culture and art, which are truly fascinating and great! The Organization Committee really did a great job. Congratulations on your success!

Slobodan Bošković, Assistant Minister for EU integration and international projects, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia

Allow me to use this opportunity to thank all of you on a marvelously and professionally organized event. You have been great hosts, magnificent colleagues and excellent interlocutors.

Elisabeth Hoffmann, President, The European Association of Lawyers

From the luxurious hotel to the warm hospitality of the Russian students and faculty, the Forum exceeded my wildest expectations.

Simon Moore, Partner, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP

It was an excellent event, professionally organized, with high quality participants and (importantly for overseas delegates who do not speak Russian) courteous helpful staff. Many congratulations on a high quality event, and I look forward to attending next year!

Dzhangar Dzhalchinov, Head of the Russian tax practice, Salans

Thank you so much for the organization of the event of a high level and with a successfully arranged programme.

Kliment Rusakomskiy, General Director, “Paradigma”

Thank you for the brilliant organization of the event and substantial choice of really urgent and interesting topics to discuss! I would also like to thank you for your professional approach to organization of evening social events which allowed the specialists to exchange experiences and negotiate in the informal atmosphere.

Ekaterina Irtikeeva, General Director, “RusInvest”

I would like to emphasize the high level of the organization and the volunteers whose obvious intelligence, in spite of their youth, allows not being worried about the future of legal profession and our country in general.

Anna Kovalyova, Head of the GR and PR Department, Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation

I am sincerely impressed by the level of the organization of both the Forum and its coverage, especially in relation to our speakers and events.

Yury Sukhorukov, Senior project manager, “Vedomosti”

In my opinion, everything was perfectly arranged and implemented: the business programme was of great interest and value, evening events allowed meeting the colleagues in a friendly atmosphere, excursions were very educational, I especially loved the Hermitage Museum, the ballet performance and the night boat trip across the Neva River and its channels.

Bleddyn G.L. Phillips, Clifford Chance

I wanted to thank you and your colleagues for a memorable and truly outstanding I St. Petersburg International Legal Forum. It proved an unqualified success in my view and everyone with whom I spoke had unreserved praise for it - both in terms of the substantial issues openly debated as well as the high level of professionalism in organizing the event.

Dr. Arad Reisberg, Reader in Corporate and Financial Law & Vice Dean (Research), Director, UCL Centre for Commercial Law, Faculty of Laws, University College London

The cultural programme was equally diverse, rich and enjoyable. Thanks also for responding so promptly and efficiently to last minute changes and requests. This is very much appreciated.

Maria Sazonova, President of the Federal Notarial Chamber

On behalf of the Federal Notarial Chamber and me personally I’d like to thank you for the organization of the I St. Petersburg International Legal Forum which has really become the first international platform in Russia and Europe where legal matters were discussed on such a high level.

Irina Gruzdeva, Head of the State Legal Department, Deputy Governor of the Vologda Oblast

The I St. Petersburg International Legal Forum is definitely a wonderful opportunity to discuss topical legal issues among professionals. Good organization of the event is also much appreciated.

Andrey Savich, Vice-President of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Lawyers

On my behalf and on behalf of my colleagues I’d like to thank you for your work – we think you’ve done a great job! The atmosphere of a professional cooperation at International Legal Forum is also worth noting, and I’m absolutely sure that it is an achievement of its organizers.

Ivan Novikov, Head of Legal Department, Member of the Board for OJS Insurance Company Ingosstrakh

Enthusiasm, responsibility and high competence of the Organizing Committee deserve the highest praise.

Jani Taivalantti, European Union Delegation to the Russian Federation

I would like to thank you very much for the smooth and effective organisation of the interesting and high-level International Legal Forum in St. Petersburg. The positive outcomes of the Legal Forum were ensured also by the warm atmosphere of welcome which you had created in the truly wonderful surroundings.

Bernard Menut, First Vice-President of International Union of Judicial Officers

The Forum was more than perfect, without any errors. In my international working life, which is a bit long now, I have never taken part in a so well organized event in such beautiful environment.

Rafael Gomez-Ferrer, Vice-president of International Union of Notaries

The Legal Forum was organized in an excellent way and has been very fruitful to me. Also the social programme was remarkably well prepared.

Jan Nyberg, Consul General of Sweden in St. Petersburg

On behalf of the Minister of Justice of Sweden Mrs Beatrice Ask let me thank you for your kind assistance in organizing the participation of the Swedish delegation in the I St. Petersburg International Legal Forum on May 19-21, 2011. Mrs Ask appreciated not only interesting and rich programme, but also the high level of the event and irreproachable service on the part of the organizers.