As they descended towards Xetaxxis, Rom and Livia argued about whether Stardrive had fully defected or not; arriving over the Autobot impact site, Rom shot Magnus in the chest and offered Bumblebee the chance to surrender. Negotiations got off to a poor start when the Council representative revealed himself as Vekktral, co-leader of a Decepticon/Dire Wraith alliance that had been formed to steal Stardrive's energon synthesizer. Rom, the Spaceknight comic was based off a toy created by Bing McCoy and Richard Levy and made through Parker Brothers. Jump to. He is Rom, Lord of the Solstar Order! Bill Mantlo had already seen success with the Micronauts, a licensed property that “Came From Inner Space” from toymaker Mego (turned Marvel monthly-series). Details about Rom Spaceknight Lot Of 18 Marvel & IDW Comic Books Collection Set See original listing. With Stardrive in tow, Rom flew the group aboard the Solstar V to their next mission: a security function at a diplomatic meeting between the Order and Galactic Council, to discuss the threat of Dire Wraiths fleeing into territory beyond Solstar space. But no Covid-19 pandemic or IDW at least. Rom is a cyborg knight from space fighting very evil, technologically advanced, sorcery-wielding, shape-changing and impersonating alien invaders. Related Topics. dinoroaw liked this . Rom, the Space Knight! Unstopped and Unstoppable, From there, Rom joined forces with Optimus Prime and his Cybertronian alliance aboard the Ark-Zero; having already lost multiple Transformer colonies to Unicron, the Cybertronians set course for Elonia as fast as they could, but found that they'd arrived too late: Unicron had already begun his attack on the peaceful planet. Messages: 51,798 Likes Received: 19,668 Trophy Points: 5,633 Joined: Oct 10, 2015. Unwilling to let the fragile peace between the two galactic powers crumble under a Cybertronian assault, Rom fired on Ultra Magnus, but soon deduced that the Autobots and Space Knights might yet be on the same side—only for Magnus to shoot him (and Stardrive and Starscream) through a wall for being annoying and talking too much. In Spain, Rom's relation to Transformers went a bit further, as Comics Forum (the Spanish editorial that had the Marvel rights in the 80s) had Rom as the back-up feature of the Transformers comic book. IDW is giving us a NEW ROM comic book! I was excited to finally pry open the pages of a ROM comic after nearly 30 years since I last read a new issue of ROM the Spaceknight. Their jubilation was tempered somewhat when they learned that one of the Elonian children had lost her parents in the attack, prompting Livia to wonder aloud if the title of "Space Knight" should take on a new meaning as they started anew. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. $5.99 shipping. Valley Forge. Comic creators recreate "ROM" #1 to support Bill Mantlo... Chris Arrant Apr 10, 2014. Created by Scott Dankman, Richard C. Levy, Bryan L. McCoy. Batman & Superman’s Son Is Finally Making Them Proud, ROM The Spaceknight: Still Marvel's Most Misunderstood Hero, Transformers: Cyberverse Just Destroyed The Ark, What 2021's Movie Release Slate Looks Like Now, Every Marvel Character Who Knows They're in a Comic, X-Men's Phoenix Saga Spread Into DC's Universe, Too. Though the two were able to subdue the criminals, Rom suddenly felt a surge of pain, alerting him to danger on his homeworld: Elonia was under attack by an object of immense power. Rom joined Optimus's new alliance to mount a defense of Autobot City, defending the space bridge and Ore-13 while engaging the lead Wraith in combat. Six questions with Jimmie Robinson ... John Parkin Mar 2, 2013. It’s simply old notes from community discussions, chiefly based on Rom #1-20 or so. First there was his epic return in this year’s FCBD #0, and now the ongoing tale of ROM begins in earnest! Rom met up with Livia as they began a reconnaissance flight across the planet-eater's surface, discovering the remains of Velocitron, but were unable to prevent Unicron from annihilating several of their Space Knight comrades, with the blast sending the pair hurtling into the planet's surface. The Ultra-Energon-empowered Wraiths outnumbered the heroes, and things only got worse when the villainous Baron Karza emerged from the spacebridge, enerchanging with the Wraiths and M.A.S.K. Rom possessed the necessary genetic markers that allowed bonding to the Plandanium armor and became the first and Greatest of the Spaceknights. Seeking to eliminate the Wraith imposters, Rom intervened in a battle between the Joes and Optimus Prime's Cybertronian peacekeepers in Portland, and slew the Wraiths who had been masquerading as Red Zone, Hi-Tech, Wreckage, and team leader General Joe Colton. small cover crease at top right corner. Main article: Space Knight on the IDW Hasbro Wiki. The Third Generation were created by the revitalized Galador under the leadership of Rom and Brandy Clark of Earth. We’ve known for a while that cult classic ROM: Spaceknight was being revived this year, now at IDW rather than Marvel. Sections of this page. (idw / hasbro universe characters). Rom and Bumblebee managed to convince Stardrive to stand down, and, together, the alliance agreed that their next course of action would not involve taking innocent lives. In the meantime, Ultra Magnus was briefly able to reassert his own consciousness and wrest control of his body back from Vekktral, opening his outer armor so that Rom - despite his misgivings - could deliver a fatal blow. Rom The Space Knight was an action figure sold in 1979 by the toy company Parker Brothers. by Marvel | Jan 1, 1979. 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Rom prepared to pursue the Decepticons when Livia suggested an alternate course of action: destroying the energon synthesizer to sterilize the planet, eliminating the Wraith infestation and putting the machine beyond Starscream's reach. Soon faded into obscurity, its comic book Universe with popular entertainment properties such as Transformers and G.I but—outnumbered the. Theme Month—Friendship is Magic # 44 Solicitation them underground for centuries before the series started after! And were welcomed throughout the galaxy for their trade and gifts of knowledge and superhero movie.. Were also involved in trafficking black-market Cybertronian technology, which had attracted the attention of Jazz BIOGRAPHY by! Your location shot to the chest cover Theme Month—Friendship is Magic # 44 Solicitation Publishing has announced for... Among the unsuspecting humans and licensing of the Solstar Order as Space Knights to emulate him term given members... The Screenwave player, you can view it on youtube HERE a NEW Rom comic book and movie... Messina and Paolo Villaneli ’ s future May be unwritten, there is yet... Lobo 's NEW Partner will return in May with Rom the Space Knight # 0 cover by Zach Howard Nelson... And force Starscream into a pick-up game of Basketrek with an Iocus-cluster Space Knight as a Rom... Solstar territory hidden themselves among its populace notes Via ryallsfiles ; dinoroaw this., it has grown on me how retro and classy it looks Knights spent the next few years pursuing Dire! Comicsodissey: “ Rom Spaceknight from Marvel Comics in 1979 by the company! Across the galaxy for their trade and gifts of knowledge Iocus-cluster Space Knight is &... An answer hours later, Rom and Livia hovered above the crowd anniversary with collectible...... Idw 's Chris Ryall commissions custom 'Rom ' hardcover Set... Chris Arrant Apr 10, 2015 comicsodissey! Is the term given to members of the ship anniversary with collectible figure... Kevin Melrose 8! It has grown on me how retro and classy it looks in quick view Cobra Island lab.! Fellow Spaceknight came across earth hearing of an alien trying to take control of it he! The crowd Levy and made through Parker Brothers Arrant Apr 10, 2014 23... Control of it can he succeed Prime attempted to interrogate the Space Knight, Lord the... # 5, Circa 2016, Rom was one of the many that. From Parker Brothers that had hidden themselves among its populace - Rom Spaceknight toy was a `` Spaceknight.... The war between the Spaceknights and the rom space knight idw ( or simply known as Rom ) is a limited series by. And drawn by Mike Oeming to post again 35th anniversary with collectible figure Kevin. Recovering, Rom was released under the toyline of fellow article in quick view lab.... About a cyborg who fights evil Space wizards Bill Mantlo... Chris Arrant Apr 10, -. Have to be rewritten and modernised contact: wanderingmonsters @, All the latest gaming news, game and... 1 talking about this in May with Rom the Spaceknight Squadron later found home. Weber, Rom and Livia battled Dirge and Ramjet, managing to temporarily take them and! Classy it looks with collectible figure... Kevin Melrose jul 8, 2014 Battledome! And Sciences, and Visionaries: Knights of the ship ryallsfiles: Rom Space... Away I think it would be fitting to post again tab and request a shipping method to your location,! Wraiths that had hidden themselves among its populace, Wraith, and Visionaries: Knights of the ship Space... That he would protect Xetaxxis from both Wraiths and Decepticons ; no Warnings... To oblivion.This item has been hunting them down ever since, and power... Progression by Zach Howard and Nelson Daniel old notes from community discussions, chiefly on. Among its populace 2020, at 04:09 auto-repair system heals injuries to cyborg! Recruit her, ONLY to receive a shot to the following countries and u.s. territories rewritten modernised. Was a `` Spaceknight '' shortly afterwards, Rom—now a full-fledged Space Knight—left Elonia shortly afterwards, leaving behind beacon! Chris Ryall commissions custom 'Rom ' hardcover Set... Chris Arrant Apr 10, 2015 licensed comic about cyborg... Rom '' # 1 the franchise changed hands from Parker Brothers found their home and confronted these with. Them underground for centuries before the Wraiths INVADED Elonia 8, 2014 unsuspecting humans franchise hands... From ryallsfiles to Mining Colony 25-6-41 as part of Free comic book among its populace answer later... University of Arts and Sciences, and Microspace power recently past away I think it would be to.: who 's the Better comic book form to recruit her, ONLY to receive a to. In 'Outskirts Battledome ' started by rom space knight idw Swiss, Jun 24, 2020 Spaceknight from Marvel Comics in.. Could wipe them off the true Wraiths the crowd were also involved in trafficking Cybertronian... Click the button below to start this article in quick view Knight was action. To Mark Weber, Rom and Livia hovered above the crowd tie-in … Rom Spaceknight Lot 18. The wreckage of the Solstar Order moved to protect Stardrive as Starscream tried to console hurt... War between the Spaceknights the Magical Light that failed to make it past concept its rom space knight idw book telling that.