Now we have a whole group of nodes selected. Trace image with inkscape and convert to svg. and save. Once your design is open, look at the tool bar on the left side and click the Point Editing icon. The handles are directional arms that tell that section of the line where to go and whether or not to be straight or curved. Now we can import the SVG files into Snapmaker Luban and move on to the laser-cutting part. If you need to know, how to separate an image in the svg editor like individual files, read the following tutorial; So you’ll know What To Do When You Can’t Ungroup An SVG File in Cricut & Silhouette. Edit SVG files with Inkscape You can now open Inkscape and press “File > Open” to open your SVG file. The handles tell the line which way to bend and move. Just like in Studio, your design should be covered in grey nodes now: You can either Shift-click each of the nodes you'd like to move or delete or simply click and drag your mouse just like you do when you selecting a design in Design Space. Holiday Saving Time! We open the svg file in a text editor and add: